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tourists with rental scooters at police station / cars at Murimart / photos: Archi

tourists with rental scooters at police station / cars at Murimart / photos: Archi

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bicycles - scooters - motor bikes - cars for getting around the rock

Budget and a few local rentals here in our area rent out cars, motor bikes, scooters and bicycles. You will be charged from the day you take the vehicles out till the day you bring it back.

Rental places provide a pick-up and return service. For insurance cover to be in place, drivers of all vehicles require a Cook Islands driver’s licence, which can be obtained from the Police Station in town between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday and up to 12 noon on Saturdays . Make sure to take your overseas licence with you. International drivers licence is not recognised here in the Cooks.

A practicle test is required if you don't have a scooter/motor cycle licence. This involves riding your scooter around the block in town with a policeman following on his motorbike. For those of you from North America and Europe - don’t forget to   KEEP TO THE LEFT ! (nationwide speed limit 50 km/h, in towns and villages 30 km/h)

If you have a motorbike/scooter licence from back home, bring this and you don't have to do the test.

A tip for motorbike passengers: climb on and off the scooter from the left side to avoid touching the muffler, which can become very hot and could leave a nasty memento of your stay which the locals refer to as ‘Honda rash”. Please don’t ride motorbikes on the motel footpaths - you can leave them in the parking area at the front of the villas.

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rules of the road and driving licence local policewomen on motorbike

To compare prices and service here's a little list of contacts :

- Budget rent a car and Polynesian bike hire ph: 20895
for their Muri Beach outlet please phone 21838

- Avis rent a car ph: 22833
- Pacific Resort ph: 22855

- Rarotonga Rentals opposite the airport ph: 22326

- Island car and bike hire ph: 22632
- Punanganui in town ph: 24632
- Muri Beach outlet ph: 21632

Tipani rentals Arorangi on the west side of the island
ph: 22328

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rules of the road
/ driving licence

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